Advisory Council

St. Gregory School Advisory Council members adopt goals for the improvement of St. Gregory School. The council creates plans to improve the school in areas such as: finance and development, academic and student affairs, spirituality and ministry, building and grounds, public relations, and recruitment and retention. Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about the council.

What is the School Advisory Council?

The council is a group of parents, teachers, and parishioners who offer advice, guidance and support to the principal and pastor. The group's mission is to promote collaboration and understanding and build support for the school's goals. The council intends to generate positive ideas to benefit the school.

What are some of the issues the council will address?

The council's role is to collaborate with the principal on matters that affect school improvement and the school experience. Members provide advice and recommendations in areas such as marketing, student recruitment, fund-raising, technology, athletics, curriculum, and the development and strengthening of parental and community support for the school. Personnel issues will be handled by the principal and pastor.

Can I share my concerns with members of the council?

While the council gives the community a voice in the operation of the school, it is not intended as a group to handle complaints. The group shares responsibility for guiding the school toward continuous improvement. If you have any issues that you would like the council to explore, you can do so by clicking the link in the sidebar.