Family Share

St. Gregory School is very blessed to have an active and engaged family community. Parent support and participation is critical to the success of our school. Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet other St. Gregory School families and form the lasting friendships that make your experience here even more unique.

The Diocese of Pittsburgh has a formula that all schools must adhere to regarding sources of revenue that cover the operating expenses of the school. Sixty percent of revenue must come from tuition. The parish may subsidize only up to 25% of the operating budget. Ten percent of the operating budget must be raised through fundraising, which is approximately $100,000. The remaining 5% must be derived from general donations.

Did you know that St. Gregory Catholic School has one of the lowest tuition rates in the Diocese of Pittsburgh? You are paying for your child to receive a top-notch education and a strong faith foundation. Traditionally we have kept costs so low because we want Catholic education to be affordable for everyone. We are proud to say that we continue to do that every year. We also feel that collaboration among the entire school community is imperative to keep costs low, so we encourage our families to work together.

St. Gregory School Family Share Program formalizes this expectation and gives all of our families the opportunity to become more fully involved in the life of the school. As you will see, much of this is not new; we simply wanted to set clearer standards that are easier to understand. For example, we have always required cafeteria days, volunteer hours, and fundraising. The details are listed on the back of this page. We look forward to getting to know you and your family better and working together in a spirit of cooperation for the benefit of St. Gregory School.

Family Share Expectations

In addition to tuition payments, families at St. Gregory School are expected to:

  1. Work 7 days in the cafeteria OR pay a $70 fee
  2. Fundraise throughout the year. EACH family is required to sell a minimum of $150 over the course of the school year towards one or more of the following fundraisers:
    • Christmas/Easter Candy
    • Candy bar sales
    • Mixed Bag
    • Yankee Candle
    • Lottery Calendar
    • Others to be determined
  3. Participate in the St. Gregory School Family Share Program. EACH family is required to work a minimum of 15 hours over the course of the school year towards one or more of the following PTG or school events:
    • Great Pumpkin Race
    • Cold Turkey Shootout
    • Putt-Fore-Fun
    • Super Bingo
    • Fish Fry
    • Lawn Fete
    • Santa’s Workshop
    • Santa/Pancake Breakfast
    • Auction Night
    • Winter Bingo
    • Others to be determined


Any family facing a hardship or other situation that inhibits their ability to complete their St. Gregory Family Share requirement may request a reduction or exemption from the school’s administration.

Families Starting Mid-Year

Hours will be prorated based on enrollment month.


Families are responsible for logging their hours. All St. Gregory Family Share hours will be tracked and monitored through the online program found on A quarterly family report will be generated.


Family Share hours are based on fiscal year July 1-June 30.


If your child plays a sport, you are required to volunteer hours in addition to the St. Gregory Family Share requirement. Each team is responsible for setting up volunteers for concessions, score keeping, line judging, etc. However, Athletic Board members, head coaches and assistant coaches’ hours will count towards the Family Share Commitment.

Who Can Earn Family Share Hours

Any person 16 years or older can contribute to your family’s hours. This includes: parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts & uncles, cousins, family friends, etc.

Events Not Listed

Any event not listed can be submitted to administration for review.


Everyone must complete the mandated Diocesan clearances found at