Protecting God's Children

Clearances are required for anyone who wants to be a volunteer in the school in any capacity. (Cafeteria volunteers, classroom mystery readers, coaches, etc.) Below you will find all of the links necessary to complete the clearance process. These do not have to be done in any particular order.

Register in the Centralized Diocesan Database (Instructions) - Your PA Criminal Clearance will be run automatically when you register in the database.

Protecting God's Children Workshop - There is now an option to take this course on-line. Once you register on the site you can choose the on-line option at the bottom of the page. (Instructions)
Mandated Reporting On-Line (Act 126)  - Once the on-line training has been completed you must print off your certificate and turn it in to the school office. When you get to page 298 where it asks "Are you a mandated reporter or permissive reporter?" you must click "Mandated Reporter" and continue. Otherwise, you will need to go back in and complete the training to get a valid certificate. Click here if you would rather register for one of the Live Mandated Reporter training classes.

Child Abuse History Certification (Act 31)  - School Volunteers can now apply for the Child Abuse Certification online at no cost.

FBI (Act 73)- Federal Criminal History Fingerprint Record Check

    FBI Volunteer Waiver - Click here if you have lived in the state of Pennsylvania continuously for the past 10 years.
    Please sign the waiver and return it to the school office.

    FBI Fingerprinting Registration - Click here if you have lived outside of Pennsylvania within the past 10 years.
    Please register online. There is a $27.00 fee for this. Once you have registered you will need to print off your receipt
    with your registration number and take this with you to one of the fingerprinting locations listed. The closest site to
    us is the U.P.S. Store in Cranberry. You will need to turn this same receipt in to the school office so that your
    clearance can be printed. We MUST print the clearance here, we cannot accept the certification that you will receive
    in the mail.