Health Information

Remember, school is hard. Kids have a hard enough time focusing on a good day so, when kids are sick, it takes away from the learning atmosphere. They struggle to pay attention and focus, and pushing through can sometimes lead to longer recovery times and more severe illnesses.

They also put their peers at risk when they are in school. Tests can be made up, homework can be late and absences can be excused! Your child and their health matters. Here are some tips to follow when determining if a child should stay home ill or not:

  • Flu - must stay home until free of fever for 24 hours without the aid of a fever reducing medication
  • Strep - must stay home until 24 hours after treatment has started
  • Pink Eye - must stay home until 24 hours after treatment has started or until physician certifies they are non-infectious
  • Nausea, Diarrhea & Vomiting - must stay home until free of vomiting for 24 hours and able to keep down food
  • Inability to Sleep - if your child was up most of the night feeling ill, they will not have the energy necessary to do their work and get through the day
  • Acute Cold or Persistent Cough - it is difficult for a child to concentrate with a constant cough or nasal congestion
  • Head Lice - a student can return to school the day after beginning treatment, no live lice should remain

Keep in mind, if your child should not be in school, they should not attend any after school sport or activity either.


The school nurse maintains an official Pennsylvania immunization record for each student. Whenever your child receives additional immunizations, please send the information to the school nurse so the record can be updated. This official record follows students wherever they attend school in Pennsylvania.

If your child does not have health insurance or if the insurance does not cover immunizations, you can contact the Butler County State Health Center at (724) 287-1769. Clinics are on the third Thursday of every month. Please call for an appointment. They are located in the Monarch Building, 100 Brugh Avenue, Suite 201, Butler, PA 16001.