Literacy Initiative

As part of the Diocese of Pittsburgh Literacy Initiative, the primary teachers at St. Gregory School received training through Step-By-Step Learning® on specific literacy instruction and intervention. The teachers learned how to better analyze their Acadience data and used the information to drive their instruction.

In depth skill inventory data allowed St. Gregory teachers to create individual instructional planning sheets for each student in kindergarten and 1st grade. Through this journey, the St. Gregory teachers learned about explicit, systematic, multi-tiered instruction and intervention.

Impressive Success in Literacy

As a result of this initiative, St. Gregory School has seen remarkable success. In the 2021-2022 school year, 96% of kindergarten students met the end of year benchmark goals. While these numbers alone are highly impressive, it’s important to point out that not only did the majority of students benchmark in kindergarten, but 21 out of 28 students were above benchmark! Additionally, 79% of first grade students met the end of year benchmark goals.

Kindergarten End of Year

1st Grade End of Year

Chart Key