2024-2025 Tuition Rates

With Parish Subsidy Rate
1st Child $ 4,025.00
2nd Child $ 2,575.00
3rd Child $ 2,025.00
Each Additional Child $ 1,825.00
Without Subsidy Rate
1st Child $ 5,025.00
2nd Child $ 4,075.00
3rd Child $ 3,125.00
Preschool Rate
3 year old $127.50 per month x 10 months = $1,275
4 year old PreK $147.50 per month x 10 months = $1,475


Parish Subsidy Qualification

To qualify for parish subsidy, families must:

  1. Be registered practicing Catholics – That means that families must attend and participate in the Sunday liturgies.
  2. Use the church envelopes assigned to the family for the support and maintenance of the parish.
  3. Be active in parish fund-raising functions.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in tuition subsidy being denied and the family will be responsible for the full amount of non-subsidized tuition. Families not registered with Saint Gregory Parish must get a Pastor Verification Form signed by their Pastor.

All families must register in the FACTS tuition program no later than July 1. The first tuition payment must be made by your selected payment date in August. All tuition must be paid in full by the selected payment date in May.

Information on tuition aide through the Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship (SOS) Fund will be made available as soon as it arrives in the school office. We usually have this information by the first week in February. Parish aide may not be applied for in the fall if the SOS aide is not applied for by the deadline date in March.

If a student withdraws or is expelled, no refunds will be given. Parents are responsible for any damage to books or school property and will be billed accordingly.

All families are expected to adhere to the expectations set forth in the St. Gregory School Family Share Program.