Safe Environment – Clearances Information

Clearances are required for anyone who wants to be a volunteer in the school in any capacity — cafeteria volunteers, classroom mystery readers, coaches, etc.

Below you will find all of the links necessary to complete the clearance process.

If you have previously used the Virtus website, you will use the same username and password that you created at that time. Please, do NOT create a new account! Use the “Need login information?” link if you need help.

If you are using Virtus for the first time, click “First-Time Registrant”. You will be asked to select the Archdiocese/Diocese/Religious Organization. You need to select Pittsburgh, PA (Diocese). On the next page you will need to enter the access code: protect. At this point you will need to create a username and password. Please keep this information for future use. When asked to select a Primary Site, please choose St. Gregory School, Zelienople. Your Criminal Record Check will be run automatically through this site. The Protecting God’s Children workshop will also be done through this same site.

* For persons with a history of sexual abuse, watching the videos may cause a resurgence of memories and strong emotions that some find detrimental to their personal healing. With that in mind, you can request a written trauma-sensitive version by calling or emailing:  Laetitia Bridges, Director of Victim Assistance at 412-456-3093 ext. 3712 or

(When requesting this training, you will not be asked about your personal history.)

Virtus Database and "Protecting God's Children" Training

Register in the Centralized Diocesan database. Your PA Criminal Clearance will be run automatically when you register in the database.


Child Abuse History Certification


Mandated Reporting Online (Act 126)

If you choose "Online Training" this is a self-led training. Once complete, you must print off your certificate and turn it in to the school office. When you get to the point where it asked "Are you a mandated reporter or permissive reporter?" you must answer "Mandated Reporter" and continue to get the correct certificate.

If you choose "Virtual Training" this will be led by an instructor and your certificate will be emailed to you after completion. You will need to print the certificate when you get it and turn it in to the school office.


FBI: Federal Criminal History Fingerprint Record Check

Click the "Waiver" button if you have lived in the state of PA only for the past 10 years.

Click the "Fingerprinting" button if you have lived outside of PA in the past 10 years. Please contact the school office for the "Service Code".